Michelle M(non-registered)
We met you at tre monte at the bar this week. Loving your pics. Have shared URL with a few people. Can't find the crocodile open month pic which was so awesome on your phone. Hopefully you do another trip - ok to be locally- because your pics are beautiful.
Monika Rindisbacher(non-registered)
Wow! We love it. Beautiful pictures. Best regards from Swizzerland.
Uli & Peter Rettig(non-registered)
Great photos! So enjoyed chatting with you tonight!
Virtuous Teas(non-registered)
Wonderful photos!
Taylor Peckham (Willey's Grandson)(non-registered)
These are so cute! They are amazing pics! My favorite pics are the ones of the fox, although I love them all!!! :D
Karen Komlos(non-registered)
Love it. Love my Codey pic. I think you need to come to the lake and start a Lake and FISH category!!!!! Love you both.
Caitie Gleed(non-registered)
Gorgeous pictures, as always. Miss you!!
Erica Peck(non-registered)
Great website. I love all the photos. I miss you both!
Herb Haber(non-registered)
Will - truly beautiful pix! Thanks for sharing them. Herb
Maria Schwarz(non-registered)
These are amazing Willey! Very impressed! I will have to do order some pictures from you. Our kitchen could use some photos like these :)
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